Barcelona 2009 Oct Day

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Flew from Gatwick, with snack pack on way out :)

Landed and walked from airport out to the train station and used a machine to buy ticket, then asked which platform for train, it didn't matter as this was the end of the line, so waited for train , the weather was very nice.

We then went to Barcelona main station, and walked out from the station and along the main road, we stopped for a couple of beers, it came across a bit smelly, the road with lots of bins.

We walked along and I said we could catch the metro, but we decided to carry on walking. We walked through the museum area and palace area through to the Olympic stadium area and down to the road and that is where we saw a young lady chatting to a driver at the traffic lights, she seemed to know lots of people. We passed the lady and continued walking to the docks, at one point an old man was saying something in Spanish we thought he was mad so carried on.

However it turned out he was probably trying to tell us it was a dead end!

So we walked all the way back passed the cemetery and this time there were 3 ladies by the road side, you can guess what they were there for now.

We then caught the bus to the centre of town. Where we had lunch, we shared a salad of tomato and basil, and scrambled eggs with asparagus and garlic.For main we shared paella. I had a traditional milk desert and we both had coffee and a bottle of Cresta sparkling portuguese wine to wash it down (recommended!)

We wandered around town a bit saw a couple of towers and things, and then headed back to the airport and chilled outside a while before checking in and flying home.