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= Some people ask me why do I write such drivel on my wiki pages. Well, it's called memories, to me personal life is all about remembering the good times, and having a wiki of good times allows me to jog my memory and remember those good times.

Yes I have thousands of photos, and these are great for the real visual, but as one wise person wrote, a picture can paint a thousand words, but only certain words, remembering the feelings and items along the way is so much easier if you can read a timeline, the mind then fills in the blanks.

A photo of a beach, might remind you of being there, but the words , we walked along the beach in 28 degree heat, reminds you of those feelings of the sun on the back of your neck, perhaps you'll then remember the dusty environment of the beach and so on.....

So if you have access to a wiki, start writing now just jot down notes, then when you are feeling down, or someone asks you about a city or a trip, a quick read and the whole thing comes flooding back.


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Please don't judge my ramblings, they are just notes to bring back memories! *

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Dublin Itinerary 2008

Lisbon Itinerary 2009

Barcelona Itinerary 2009

Copenhagen Itinerary 2011

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Favourite Saying[edit]

42 doesn't matter, it's enjoying the journey that counts.


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