Copenhagen 2011

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It was an early start, and for a change it was out of Stansted. Stansted seemed quite spacious and a quick coffee and croissant was in order once through security, then it was on the little train to the gate.

On to the plane, must say the back seats seemed a lot less room than normal.

Then it was into Copenhagen airport - and the long wait for passport control, and then the very long walk to the exit.

On to the metro and to Frediksberg to try and locate the cafe, I'd forgotten the map, so it was into what turned out to be a great cafe for spinach and mozzarella omelette's and orange juice. Then it was back on the metro to Nyhavn and a short walk to the netto boat, which after standing in the queue for 30 minutes, and buying the ticket, we had to wait another 20 minutes for the next boat. But it was actually worth it and you got a good overall view of the town. Lots of new buildings, and saw the little (very little) mermaid

Then it was coffee in a local coffee shop, and then we split into 2 groups , 1 headed for the castle and the rest for the airport. We had a coffee and soup in the cafe at the airport, and then went through security to find a fabulous restaurant - which is well worth a visit (restaurant kobenhaven) the guys were great and food amazing . Seared tuna in black sesame coating, with creme wasabi, and a great salad with dressing. T had breaded and steamed plaice with a mustard type sauce, all well worht it. coffees and expressos! Then it was on the plane and home before midnight!


Worth a return visit - even if only for the food!