Luxembourg 2015 Day Trip

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Flight was on Sunday 22nd Feb,

  • LHR->LUX Sunday 08:55-11:10
  • LUX->LHR Sunday 18:15-18:40

Arrived on time, and caught the 11:45 number 16 from the airport into the city. Bought the 2 Euro ticket from the Book Shop, the assistant spoke English The driver writes the time/date on the ticket when you board the bus. THere is no an automatic bus ticket machine in the Arrivals hall on level -1 as far as I could find!.

I walked a lot around the city and visited all of the places below

  • The Casemates - tour the tunnels.(Um Bock)
  • Grand Ducal Palace
  • Statue équestre Guillaume I
  • Le Monument du Souvenir “Gëlle Fra”
  • La statue de la Grande-Duchesse Charlotte
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • Le Monument National de la Solidarité
  • Le monument Robert Schuman

Had coffee at the station. Most places were closed as it was a Sunday. The flag was at half mast on the Palace because the Older Brother of Luxembourg's Grand Duchess had passed away.