Madrid 2010 Sep Day

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Took off early on Saturday Flight arrived on time, although left late due to French air traffic control strikes, and some lady managing to get on the plane without a passport.

We purchased a one day travel pass on the plane, however this meant we ended up going down, up, down, up down and up again on the escalator, till we finally got the ticket.

We hit the metro and went to the palace, and had a couple of beers with crisps in the sunshine. Then we headed off to find lunch , which we did in a pavement cafe we had chips with dip, the blue cheese one was a bit off, but the rest was great. We had beers and coffees, I think we had something else to eat with it - could have been mussels (T says it was Calamari)- can't remember! lol

We went to the crystal palace park (Retiro) and wandered around, it was very pleasant)

We headed then to the Parc which should have had a cable car, but that wasn't working, we did see an ambulance, so we then wandered off to el cort ingles and wandered around, before heading to have tapas in a restaurant and the tapas were salad with anchovies, fried garlic prawns, whitebait/sardines , and also a bottle of rose wine, and olives.

We then went for a beer in the busy area chicos and then headed to the airport which we didn't make the last tube so had to walk back to the N4 night bus (again! lol)