Munich 2011

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Arrived in Munich airport around 10am. Located the Station ticket machines, and purchased 3 all day tickets, albeit it turned out we only used them to go there and back! We headed in to the centre, with the clock that has moving figurines. Took some photos, then headed to St Peters where we brunched on Espresso and Apple Strudel - very good and recommended!

Headed down to the Viktualmarket - a large market of produce, some lovely smelling cheeses. A brass band was playing traditional tunes, great tourist opportunity

Wandered down to the palace where the Bavarian monarchy lived. Lots of walking tours and cycling tours!

Down to a fabulous park, and then round the ring road to the restaurant - fabulous - roast pepper soup with cream and pesto oil - getting sudden bursts of basil tasted supreme.

Then a main of pesto encrusted white fish with gnoki - amazing

Finally walking it all off down to the Parliament building, with lots of urban photography, along the river, where given that it was about 28 degrees people were sunbathing and paddling in the river. Then on to a cafe for a beer and tortilla chips and watching the world going by - including "Stella" (Private amusement)

Back on the train, back to the airport and home - with a snack pack!