Venice 2011 Jan Weekend

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Headed out on the 8.45 flight from Gatwick, delayed by 40 minutes, but got into Marco Polo, Venice about 20 mins late.

Purchased a 2 day bus ticket, however, found that this didn't work on the number 15 bus to Mestre, even though the ticket seller said to get number 15, so caught number 5 bus to Venice central, then the number 2 from Venice out to Mestre.

We got off at a random stop which we thought should be close and walked using google maps to locate us and then passed some really nice houses

Checked in at the hotel, and then headed back to Venice.

Got into Venice and walked through the town to a nice cafe where we ate, I had mozarello, basil and tomato toastie, and T had tuna with silverskin sandwich. Coffee was fabulous. Then headed down to the edge of the island and caught the water taxi, validating tickets now a doddle with the RFID scanners. Hopped on and it took us over to the island south of the main islands then back to St Marks square, by which time the darkness was upon us so took photo of bridge of sighs, which even though they were doing work they had left it clear to take photos.

We wandered through the square and down the back street which was lit with overhead fairy lights. Then we headed back on the water bus and went back to Plaza Roma and caught the bus to Mestre, jumped off at carpanello or some similar sounding place, and followed some teenagers, and headed down and found a restaurant called "In the Shadow of the Seagull"

We had sardines with slightly pickled onions, and also mussels, good sauce. Then for first plate we had Lemon Spaghetti and Wild Mushroom Penne. and for Second plate both had mixed fish grill. The flavours were all fantastico, the mixed grill included crayfish, king prawn, whole squid, a white fish. And served with polenta, and roast peppers, roast zuchinni, and chicory. Coffee after was expresso, and all washed down with a bottle of bodillino.

We then wandered back through the town seeing the nightlife, and wandered back to the hotel to make plans for the following day.

We rose around 7.45 and washed dressed and checked out, headed to the bus, and caught a different bus to the railway station, then the number 2 to the centre, (think it was the same number 2 we had just missed as we came out the hotel)

We took the water bus down the grand canal toRialto bridge and took some photos as the Bus stopped there. We had coffee in a little back street cafe. Then headed on the water bus to St Marks square, we put our heads in the Basilica. then wandered through the streets to the building with the circular staircase, then wandered further to the water bus, and had a coffee just before we caught the water bus to the Plaza Roma, grabbed a number 2 bus to Mestre, we didn't really find the place we were the night before, so jumped on another bus and ended up back in Venice again!

This time we decided we'd catch the waterbus to the airport, however when it eventually arrived they said our tickets weren't valid!!

So headed back to the number 5 from plaza roma.

We then had coffee and Pizza at the airport, and caught the plane about 45 minutes late!

As we headed on to the bus, they stopped a chinese looking gentleman and re-searched his hand baggage - very strange indeed!

Would I go back to Venice - the answer is not for my own desire, however, I'd show someone round for a day trip, or 2 days but to be honest that is all it takes.

And watch out for the Graffiti I can't believe a town that lives on it's picturesqueness doesn't have a full time graffiti removing team they sure need it!!