Zurich 2011

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Zurich was fun. flight out at 10am from LHR, arrived ZRH at 13:05 it is a massive newish airport, bought a ticket at the service center on the top floor for 72 hours travel on trams, trains, boats and buses!

Took number 10 to Milchbank, changed to number 9, which diverted off its course, so got off and nearly went down the funicular, however it had closed so walked down to central. Had coffee in a nice cafe, then caught the number 4 down to Rathous, where we got off and went up the hill to the hotel which was on Marktgrass, it was a nice clean hotel, goldenes schwertz and very friendly.

Then we went to the bridge and it was a lovely day, then we took the tram to the lake and sat there a while taking in the scene, a bit blackpooly with a big ferris wheel. Then we sat and people watched having a couple of beers at a bar on the main road.

Then walked down and back to the hotel, P freshened up while I wandered around , saw an area called soho which had sex shops like soho, and saw lots of good looking restaurants.

Walked back to hotel, watch had stopped so it was now 19:50 not 18:50! doh! So we went out and walked to a restaurant run by a couple of ladies, one had very black 1930s hairdo. Asparagus soup, and fish n fries for P , I had tomatoe and mozarella (thinly sliced) and then spaghetti with halved cherry toms. lovely sauces!

Went back to hotel and sat in Pigalle bar next door and watched the locals - the soon to be married stag/hen do's go round selling shots of alcohol to strangers to get money for the wedding - tradition - poor groom dressed in a see-through pink dress! Some man came by with a girl hustling playing an electric keyboard flute style thing.

Chatted to a swiss guy thomas who had been stood up. He told all about the tradition. Went to bed around 12 (tired!) the hotel was noisy - the thud thud of the club below was fine, it was the doors clunking that was the problem, but got up and had breakfast - delivered to your door! - croissant, 2 rolls, orange juice, cheese, butter , spread, jam, coffee all v. nice.

went to the airport and got the boarding cards.

went down to the river, sat and had a couple of drinks in the sunshine, then went down to the lake again took some photos, then wandered to a lebanese restaurant, had falafel and mixed mezza vegetarian. Then headed back to central, got caught in a sudden thunderstorm. But soon back on number 10 to the airport

Wandered around bought some choccie and headed through security and on the train with no driver and then to the gate, plane delayed - when it did arrive the pilot missed the stop and drove straight past had to turn around and drive back down the concourse. Finally got on and had a great flight, Mara pours a wicked tomatoe juice with worcester sauce! - and she dealt fabulously with some *** sat behind that had pinched from the trolley!!

all in all - Zurich is a great place well worth a day!